VR your Space!

WATTRem provides an integrated solution for Virtual Reality from space design to Virtual Reality.

Let's VR your space - for office space, retail & hotel

WATTRem is proud to present a new integrated solution, virtual reality for real estate marketing, space design, and more!
Through an easy application to download, you can:


- Improve your brokerage; facilitating the decision-making
- Save money on work construction until the closing of the deal


- Use an iOS/Android application to communicate details on your new location with investors
- Use it as a tool for change management
- Experience your space before committing

Let’s work with the Virtual Reality by WATTRem

Partnership with Tailora

You don’t know if you can fit in your new space ?
You can’t imagine how it will look like?

You don’t know how to improve you brokerage?
You don’t want to spend money in work construction?