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Who is WATT?

WATT Team is composed of experienced collaborators & partners as brokers, architects, interior designers, engineers, designers, construction and economists.

Meet the WATTRem team

WATTRem is spread within the US & Europe with more than 10 specialties & over 120 people. WATT is pleased to present you some of the people you would be glad to work with.

  Joanna  / Engineer

Joanna / Engineer

  David  / President

David / President

  Emilie  / Interior Designer / Retail

Emilie / Interior Designer / Retail

  Sarah  / COO / Paris office

Sarah / COO / Paris office

  Romain  / CEO / NY office

Romain / CEO / NY office

  Isabelle  / Artistic Director

Isabelle / Artistic Director

  Martial  / Project Manager

Martial / Project Manager

  Benjamin  / Project Manager

Benjamin / Project Manager

  Elodie  / Sales Representative

Elodie / Sales Representative

  Clémence  / Interior Designer

Clémence / Interior Designer

  Antoine  / Sales Representative

Antoine / Sales Representative

  Who’s next?

Who’s next?

“At Watt, we’re not only looking for experience.
We are looking for people driven by project management, endowed with strong human aptitudes - empathy, kindness and intellectual & emotional honesty.
Come and taste the challenge of project management in interior design!”
— Romain W - CEO NY